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Emo // Pop Punk // Alt Rock // Austin, Texas


Rising from the heart of Austin, Texas, Almost Famous Friends has emerged as a captivating force in the pop-punk realm. Drawing inspiration from revered acts like Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and Hawthorne Heights, this emotionally fueled band proudly embraces their self-proclaimed title of the 'Chronic Sad Boys' of Austin. Since their inception in 2014, they have remained relentless in their pursuit of musical excellence, propelled by the potent songwriting of lead vocalist and guitarist Tristan Wilson.

Comprising a formidable lineup, Almost Famous Friends also features Aris Manasco on drums, Hunter Sharpe on guitar, Colton Kincaid on bass, and Remy Manasco on guitar. Each member brings a distinctive influence and style to the music, contributing to a sound that resonates deeply with fans seeking both aesthetic musicality and explosive live performances.


Cliché Music:

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