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Emo // Pop Punk // Alt Rock // Austin, Texas


“If You Need Me,” narrates the tale of a fleeting, intense love that transforms from heaven to hell in the blink of an eye. Influenced by the rhythmic qualities of All American Rejects‘ “Stab My Back,” the song’s defining essence was born during a solitary moment on Tristan’s porch, contemplating confusion and regrets. The track evolved from a one-take front porch acoustic performance, initially known as “Healing,” to its current form, an impassioned confession of infatuation.

Recorded in the summer of 2019 with Overcast Recordings‘ Kieran Krebs, “If You Need Me” was temporarily held back due to pandemic-related touring restrictions, making the band’s return to the scene all the more anticipated.


Cliché Music:

Almost Famous Friends - "If You Need Me" Official Music Video

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